We specialize in..

image ..... the design and installation of unique solar shade structures for residential, commercial and agricultural use. These structures provide protection and solar powered charging opportunities for electric vehicles and maintenance operations. Our solar systems are intended to help build a better relationship between electric vehicle owners and the communities they live in. We strive to unite commercial opportunituies with community needs.

We offer pilot program development and energy management systems to help build successful and profitable community programs. Federal and state tax incentives are still at attractive levels and offer deductions and rebates to individual homeowners and small business owners who are committed to make a solar energy investment.

We will work one-on-one with you to help you find every tax credit, incentive and utility grant available for your solar installation. The very best web site to find up-to-date tax credit and incentive information, for your area, is DSIRE. Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

We support a number of important sustainable initiatives, including the "Learn to Earn Solar" program:


The "Learn to Earn Solar" program, also known as "Building Blocks for Energy Independence" is a fund raising program that helps public schools, community colleges, and universities build small solar power plants with purpose to meet each facility's energy needs through an alternative energy power source that through months and years of building, will eventually cover or exceed the energy costs for the school. This program is funded by; Evolution Solar Systems Foundation, federal and local funds earmarked for rebuilding or remodeling schools, local sponsors who are heavily invested in the community, alumni, parents, grandparents and fund raising efforts supported by the school and school organizations like the PTA.

Each school year a new group of students will have an opportunity to learn more about solar energy efficiency, contribute to the ongoing building process of the solar power plant and help their school realize revenue goals brought through years of funding and building. The program builds onto an Evolution S-1 solar shade structure, prefabricated light gauge steel system, or rooftop system that creates the base of the solar "lego" building system. Solar panels will be added to the system as funds are donated or become available through dedicated fund raising programs and through ongoing support from private donors.

We are looking for companies that are active in the community to help support this program with direct funding for local schools. We have received a thumbs up from the new administration on the outline of this project and believe there will be enthusiastic support through national and local media outlets.

If you are interested in information about schools participating in your area or want to nominate a school, please contact us via email at learntoearnsolar@evolutionsolarsystems.com or by telephone at 805-272-9554, option 1.